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Superior Efficiency

  • Effortless 360ํ in situ streeing in confined space is available thanks to small truning radius.
  • Compact chassis allow easy access to narrow aisle applications.
  • Small and short load wheels facilitate access to multiple mast height configurations between between racks, making it easy to use in warehouses and racks of different sizes.
  • Versatile battery capacities for various travel distance and running times.
  • Optional driving modes for versatile scenarios
  • Enhanced efficiency with swift lifting and traveling

High-Performance Scissor Structer

  • The scissor structer is highly robust and stable, enabling asmooth reaching of the forks while minimizing vibrations and rocking.
  • The conversion between movements is seamlessly achieved through the equilibrium of shear force, delivering substantial torque. When raised to a height of 10.5 meter, it can effortless lift load of up to 1.2 tons.
  • The scissor mechanism seamlessly adjust and neatly folds, significantly minimizing the truck’s footprint and maxinizing space utilization.

Safety and Reliability

  • Automatic deceleration when concrening prevent accidents.
  • Adaptive safety load-sensing system adjusts lifting height based on load capacity.
  • Dual foot pedals for high efficiency and safety.
  • Automatic fork leveling function, safe and efficient.
  • Fully proportional hydraulic control for precision and durability.
  • The cab’s full wraparound design ensure driver safety.

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