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The FE4P35Q-Li is a cost-effective electric forklift with a combination of the traditional Internal Combustion forklift and lithium-iron powered electric forklift, it has the characteristics of large driving space and comfortable operation . The standard configuration is a lithium iron phosphate ( LFP ) battery with efficient fast charging. Optional different battery capacities : the standard configuration is 80V200Ah, optional 80V300Ah and 400Ah. Standard full AC control system and optional fleet management system. Standard REMA / Anderson connection for charging , optional automotive type intelligent plug – in high frequency charging technology . The truck adopts a similar design of the Internal Combustion forklift with spacious operation space and comfort . The mast system , front and rear axles as well as the durability of chassis is similar to traditional Internal Combustion forklift . The truck combined the durability of Internal Combustion forklift with layout advantage of Li-iron electric forklift, so that the truck’s weight is light and gravity center is optimized, therefore the overall energy consumption is effectively improved.


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